May 31, 2019

Episode 10 - Nickamoto


In this episode we talk to Nick about his experience at the Atlanta Kotei (KoteyeKotay?).

We also interview David Latimore aka alphasquid from the global discord server about his experience demoing the game at a recent con in Phoenix, AZ.

Here is David's demo setup:

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With this episode we are proud to announce a new partnership between The Meek Informant and Luxury Playstyle!  In this episode we interview Mattie, the creator of Luxury Playstyle about his tokens, his design process, and his love of L5R.  

You can checkout/buy Mattie's products at

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A link to the beta rules for the Daimyo format being developed by Dave of the Five Rings - 


Link to the global discord channel

In this episode we talk with two Dragon Hatamoto, Arash and Alex Jacobs, about the ever-enigmatic Dragon clan.

Alex's Dueling article:

Alex's Mindset article:

Ralph's WC dishonor deck:

Our 'How to Train your Dragon' video:

Link to the global discord channel

In this episode we discuss the terms sometimes used to describe different Deck Archetypes in the game, and some examples of decks that fit those description.  We also answer listener questions and raffle off a Meek Informant Player mat!

No Core L5R Discord Server:

March 26, 2019

Way of the Unicorn

In this episode we get a good talking to from Sir Largeness himself, Chris Pottorf - hearing all about our favorite fantastic horsey-friends!  (also we got some mysterious slow-down audio effects, soooo sorry about that)

Link to the global discord channel

March 26, 2019

The Way of the Crab

In this episode we talk crab things with crab people!  We interview Joe from Cincinnati to get all of the coolest, pincery crabbing techniques.

Eric & Joe's game that was mentioned:

Here's Joe's website:

Link to the global discord channel

March 12, 2019

The Way of the Crane

In this episode we review our experience playing & streaming a local EC, we interview the Shogun Erik Baalhuis, and forget our outro motto.

Here's a link to the game Johnny played vs. the Shogun mentioned during the interivew:

In this episode we discuss the various forms of economy in the game, then discuss how a new player might approach their first Tournament.


In this episode of The Meek Informant we first give some suggestions to experienced players on how to introduce new players to the game then attempt to help new players decide which clan they should play.


Welcome to the very first episode of the Meek Informant - a community-building podcast for the game Legend of the Five Rings published by Fantasy Flight Games. In this episode your host Eric is joined by Johnny, Nick, and Adam to try and provide a resource to interested new players.

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